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  • My 2010 "Ship List"

    My 2010 "Ship List"

    Seth Godin posted a great idea on his blog a few days ago. Make a list of the things you “shipped” in 2010. There’s nothing special about an idea. Everyone is full of good and bad ideas. Idea guys are easy to spot… Lots of talk, and zero follow through. Have they actually ever produced anything? More than likely, the answer is no. Ideas mean nothing if you don’t follow through and ship them. Following though on your ideas is hard, and shipping them is even harder.

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  • Data Dance: Level 1!

    Data Dance: Level 1!

    On Dec 4th, 2010, Mr. Ghosty and TEAM 20XX (the team behind the Gr8 Bits Shows) organized DATA DANCE!! LEVEL 1! Winnipeg’s first all chiptune dance party. It was a pretty awesome event, and the first “real” public unveiling of the Winnitron 1000!

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  • Making the Canabalt: 2 Player Trailer…

    Making the Canabalt: 2 Player Trailer…

    Canabalt is a pretty awesome game, and did extremely well on the App store and received quite a bit of press about a year ago, so to have an exclusive version of this caliber of game is a pretty huge deal. We thought there had to be a way to tell people about this in an exciting way, promote the Winnitron 1000, and let people know that you can play it in 3 days on Saturday Dec the 4th at Data Dance.

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  • CineCrop iPhone App

    CineCrop iPhone App

    So, late last june, I decided to take the plunge into the world of iPhone App development? Why? Why not! Everyone seems to be making an app these days, and I figured it would be a really interesting experience…

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  • Lomography Spinner 360 Review

    Lomography Spinner 360 Review

    The way this camera works, is you load up any 35mm film, pull the ripcord, and the camera head does a 360+ degree revolution in less than a second. The camera is light, portable, and durable, so you can take panoramas in places that were totally unthinkable before. For example, How about taking some shots on a ride at a carnival…

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  • I Could Jump Out a Window…

    I Could Jump Out a Window…

    So I finally had a few days here and there over the last few weeks to crank out another animation for my friend, Mike Lewis. This is the third animation I’ve created for his album Music for Suicides. If you want to check out the other animations you can find them here:A Lullaby for Gwenydd and Don’t be Gone long…

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