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  • Making the Super Crate Box Versus Trailer!

    Making the Super Crate Box Versus Trailer!

    Another Winnitron 1000 Exclusive means another fun trailer! This time around, the wonderful team at Vlambeer created a custom 2-Player version of their hit indie game Super Crate Box. The gameplay in the new version is essentially the same, except both players now race to be the first to collect 25 boxes. It’s pretty intense, and super fun with 2 players at the controls of the Winnitron :)

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  • Making the Canabalt: 2 Player Trailer…

    Making the Canabalt: 2 Player Trailer…

    Canabalt is a pretty awesome game, and did extremely well on the App store and received quite a bit of press about a year ago, so to have an exclusive version of this caliber of game is a pretty huge deal. We thought there had to be a way to tell people about this in an exciting way, promote the Winnitron 1000, and let people know that you can play it in 3 days on Saturday Dec the 4th at Data Dance.

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  • CineCrop iPhone App

    CineCrop iPhone App

    So, late last june, I decided to take the plunge into the world of iPhone App development? Why? Why not! Everyone seems to be making an app these days, and I figured it would be a really interesting experience…

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  • Drum Kit: Photoshop Time-lapse

    Drum Kit: Photoshop Time-lapse

    I went to a Mike Lewis’s parents place on the weekend, where he keeps his drums. We wanted to take some cool shots of his kit, so we set them up in the back part of their yard, and started shooting.

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  • Delft 16mm Anamorphic adapter for GF1

    Delft 16mm Anamorphic adapter for GF1

    A quick test of a VERY old 16mm Vistascope anamorphic adapter grafted onto my Panasonic GF1. Sorry for the crappy quality and shakiness of the footage. I didn’t have my makeshift steady-cam on me at the time The footage was taken in AVCHD mode in extremely low light conditions. The adapter seems to reduce the amount of light by at least a stop or two, so taking shots in these sort of lighting conditions produces pretty poor quality results at […]

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