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  • Beach Day 2009!

    Beach Day 2009!

    Slow motion footage is amazing, and I’ve always been fascinated by it. Seeing high quality slow motion footage always seems to reveal some insanely intricate details that were otherwise not visible, and sometimes it’s just amazing what you see.

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  • isotropy.ca – 3D Track

    isotropy.ca – 3D Track

    I’ve been wanting to learn 3D tracking/matchmoving for a really long time… Ever since I started at Frantic, and saw Matt Broeska using a copy of Boujou i’ve been amazed at this kind of software. The math behind all of this just boggles my brain, and the fact that this software has become so accessible is also mind blowing.

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  • Don’t be gone long…

    Don’t be gone long…

    After finishing the last animation for A Lullaby for Gwenydd , I thought that this one would be relatively simple to do. I spent about a month on the last one, and thought that this one should take about a week or so, based on what I wanted to do with it… This animation fell right into the 80/20 rule in that I spent 80% of my time finessing the last 20%. I got the rough version into shape in about 2 days, and then spent about 3-4 more weeks hammering on it, trying to make it more interesting and polish off some of the rough edges…

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  • A Lullaby for Gwynedd

    A Lullaby for Gwynedd

    This is the first in what I hope will be a series of 10 different animations for the album “Music for Suicides” by Stand Alone Complex, created by Mike lewis.

    Last month, I went to see one of Mike’s shows in the exchange. I haven’t seen Mike in a few years, and it was good to see him and his friend Trevor again. Mike has been creating some cool electronic/ambient music, and his girlfriend Kami did a bunch of artwork for all of the tracks.

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  • Open Cut 3.0 Challenge Shot 002

    Open Cut 3.0 Challenge Shot 002

    Here’s my 2nd shot for the Open Cut 3.0 Challenge. I finally got around to tweaking it to something that I’m happy with. Unfortunately, I didn’t win the competition, and it seems there was only 2 entries out of 100 contestants.

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  • Open Cut 3.0 Challenge

    Open Cut 3.0 Challenge

    This is my submission for the Open Cut 3.0 Challenge. Here’s the link to the content on the Vuze network

    I didn’t have enough time to work on every shot for the competition, since I was back at Frantic for the most part of December, and started in the commercial division in January. Personally, I think the deadline for this challenge was quite unrealistic, considering this is unpaid work. Delivering almost this many shots (basically 4 mins of solid VFX shots), over christmas, at 4K, in about 30 days would be challenge for any full VFX studio with a full staff of compositors, let alone a few guys or one guy trying to do this on his or her own.

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