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  • Memories of Unicron

    Memories of Unicron

    UPDATE: I’ve created a feature length tutorial on the creation of this image. You can buy it on http://vfxhaiku.com. I’ve been meaning to play around with Cinema 4D a little more this year, and finally get down and learn it. I got a copy of Cinema 4D R11.5, and have been looking over Nick’s cool tutorials at greyscalegorilla.com and that got the basics down. I love the workflow and way the app is structured, and the new GI and Mograph […]

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  • VFXhaiku.com


    If you’ve been a long time visitor of this site, you’ll know that i’ve been working in VFX for quite a long time. I spent the last 7 years at Frantic Films as a 2D compositor working on over 25 Hollywood movies. I’ve finally decided to take a break from production, and I’ve started up a 2D-centric Visual Effects tutorial site called VFXHaiku.com VFXHaiku.com is dedicated to bringing some of the esoteric concepts of working in high end visual effects […]

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  • The Infini-D Resource Page

    The Infini-D Resource Page

    Years ago, when I was first starting to get into 3D graphics and animation, I came across a program called Infini-D made by a company called Specular. They were then bought out by Metatools (which is now called Viewpoint), and Infini-D was rolled into (or just killed by) Carrara which is now owned by eovia. Who knows what ever happened to this little app. It was the easiest 3D program i’ve ever used, but then again, 10 years ago, things […]

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