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  • Overtime


    Working on movies is not a glamorous job. It’s a good work environment, but there are times where you want to give it all up and just work as a welder or some trade where you’re not sitting behind a computer for 12+ hours a day. After all was said and done, when I calculated all the overtime accumulated from this movie, I could take a theoretical 3 and a half months off. That’s 560 or so hours of OT. […]

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  • Superman Returns – The end!!

    Superman Returns – The end!!

    Well, I finally saw superman returns yesterday at 9:30 am at the pre-screening at Silver City Polo Park. There were people from work there at 6:30 am to make sure they had good seats. lol. I have to say, that the movie didn’t suck as much as I had thought it might. It was entertaining, but definately on the long side. Cutting RK probably was smart, since if it was in, I don’t think a crazy si-fi opening wouldn’t really […]

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  • http://www.vfxhell.com/


    I wish I had known about this site earlier. It’s good to know there’s others out there that are feeling the pain http://www.vfxhell.com/is_superman_returns_worth_it

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  • Superman Returns…

    Superman Returns…

    Well, the lack of updates, and the lack of poker playing can be directly blamed on the crazy visual effects direction and supervision of Mark Stetson for Superman returns. I’ve been a slave to this film for the last chunk of my life. It should all be over soon, and we can get back to some semblance of routine and see the sun for a change. The latest international trailer that was released a few days ago has 2 of […]

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