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  • Double Rainbow: Photoshop Screen-cast

    Double Rainbow: Photoshop Screen-cast

    At one of Sarah’s recent soccer games, there was a beautiful double rainbow just beside the field where she was playing. I wanted to get a really nice shot of it, but I only had my LX3 and not my AE-1 with my fisheye lens… So, I thought this would be a good a time as any to get into the world of HDR Panoramas! Without a tripod, I set my LX3 to take bracketed exposures of as much of […]

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  • Michelle’s Star: Photoshop Screen-cast

    Michelle’s Star: Photoshop Screen-cast

    While I wasn’t buzzing around shooting things at 300fps on Beach day, I managed to take a few pictures a few minutes before we all packed up. One of my friends brought this AWESOME inflatable rainbow star. This is the best shot of the bunch, but the original photo needed some more punch to make it more interesting. So, I decided to screen-cast the entire 2-hour photoshop session, and speed it up into this 4:25 video. It’s a little quick […]

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  • Beach Day 2009!

    Beach Day 2009!

    Slow motion footage is amazing, and I’ve always been fascinated by it. Seeing high quality slow motion footage always seems to reveal some insanely intricate details that were otherwise not visible, and sometimes it’s just amazing what you see.

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  • Lock Lust

    Lock Lust

    In between the ceremony and reception for my friend’s wedding, I went on a quick photo shoot with Sarah and her friend Michelle. We took some wikid shots, the first of which being this one. I’m always currious to see how much post production goes on when making images these days, so in the name of full disclosure, here’s a before and after of what I did to make this image.

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