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  • The Global Art Project of Pinhole Solargraphy

    The Global Art Project of Pinhole Solargraphy

    The goal of The Global Art Project of Pinhole Solargraphy project is to create pinhole solargraphs all over the world and build a World Map of Solargraphs. AWEEEEESOMMEEE! :)

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  • 1960′s Winnipeg Life on 8mm Film

    1960′s Winnipeg Life on 8mm Film

    This past year, my grandmother on my father’s side passed away, and she had her own vault of old 8mm film. This film was in MUCH worse condition, and there was tons of water damage, scratches, etc… I wasn’t even sure if the film would thread though a projector without shredding into a million pieces.

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  • Pinwide Review – Micro Four Thirds Model

    Pinwide Review – Micro Four Thirds Model

    I love the micro four thirds camera format for a number of reasons: I love the fact that you can get a really large sensor in cameras with small bodies. I love the small lenses. I love that you can get lens adapters for pretty much every lens mount in existence. But most of all, I love that there’s people out there making some pretty creative lenses for it, like the Pinwide from Wanderlust.

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  • CineCrop iPhone App

    CineCrop iPhone App

    So, late last june, I decided to take the plunge into the world of iPhone App development? Why? Why not! Everyone seems to be making an app these days, and I figured it would be a really interesting experience…

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  • Lomography Spinner 360 Review

    Lomography Spinner 360 Review

    The way this camera works, is you load up any 35mm film, pull the ripcord, and the camera head does a 360+ degree revolution in less than a second. The camera is light, portable, and durable, so you can take panoramas in places that were totally unthinkable before. For example, How about taking some shots on a ride at a carnival…

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  • Space Model Composite!

    Space Model Composite!

    I finally got around to compositing this latest image from a photo-shoot that took place last winter. I had the idea for this one in my head for quite a while, but I never could find the right image to blend in with the model. I found this one lurking in my archives, and after a few hours of messing around with it, here it is

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