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  • A year of game trailers…

    A year of game trailers…

    A look back and behind the scenes look at a few of the indie game trailers I created from January to December of 2012

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  • Visual Effects Notes…

    Visual Effects Notes…

    I came across some of my old notebooks that I used to keep track of shot tasks and notes while working at Frantic Films. I guess I threw out the majority of them, but I kept notes for Superman Returns, Across The Universe, Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D, and A-Team.

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  • 1960′s Winnipeg Life on 8mm Film

    1960′s Winnipeg Life on 8mm Film

    This past year, my grandmother on my father’s side passed away, and she had her own vault of old 8mm film. This film was in MUCH worse condition, and there was tons of water damage, scratches, etc… I wasn’t even sure if the film would thread though a projector without shredding into a million pieces.

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  • My 2010 "Ship List"

    My 2010 "Ship List"

    Seth Godin posted a great idea on his blog a few days ago. Make a list of the things you “shipped” in 2010. There’s nothing special about an idea. Everyone is full of good and bad ideas. Idea guys are easy to spot… Lots of talk, and zero follow through. Have they actually ever produced anything? More than likely, the answer is no. Ideas mean nothing if you don’t follow through and ship them. Following though on your ideas is hard, and shipping them is even harder.

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  • Data Dance: Level 1!

    Data Dance: Level 1!

    On Dec 4th, 2010, Mr. Ghosty and TEAM 20XX (the team behind the Gr8 Bits Shows) organized DATA DANCE!! LEVEL 1! Winnipeg’s first all chiptune dance party. It was a pretty awesome event, and the first “real” public unveiling of the Winnitron 1000!

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  • Gr8Bits, and the Indie game scene in Winnipeg

    Gr8Bits, and the Indie game scene in Winnipeg

    A few months back, a guy by the name of Mr. Ghosty organized an art show called the Gr8Bits show. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it to the first show, but he was able to run Gr8Bits 1.2 as part of Nuit Blanche back in late September. It was an incredible success, and was one of the fist video game themed art shows in the city.

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