My 2010 "Ship List"

Seth GodinSeth Godin posted a great idea on his blog a few days ago. Make a list of the things you “shipped” in 2010. There’s nothing special about an idea. Everyone is full of good and bad ideas. Idea guys are easy to spot… Lots of talk, and zero follow through. Have they actually ever produced anything? More than likely, the answer is no. Ideas mean nothing if you don’t follow through and ship them. Following though on your ideas is hard, and shipping them is even harder.

Here’s a list of most of the major projects and accomplishments that I shipped in 2010. I hope this list is at least as large for 2011. At the moment, I don’t have a huge list of projects in mind, but we’ll see where things go this year…

January, 2010

• Released my Advanced Photoshop Techniques tutorial package on

February, 2010

• Presented at Pecha Kucha #1 in Winnipeg

• Became a Comp TIA CTT+ Certified Trainer

March, 2010

• Winner of the “So you think you can teach Photoshop contest”

• Guest speaker at the March 2010 National Association of Photoshop Professionals Photoshop World in Orlando Florida

• Became and Adobe Photoshop and After Effects certified expert and instructor

April, 2010

• Freelanced for Prime Focus in Vancouver, and finaled a handful of shots for The A-Team

May, 2010

• Winner of the Rainbows photography contest in Photo Life Magazine

June, 2010

• Included in the Forward Thinking Museum’s Infrared Photography Gallery

• Was interviewed by the Lomographic society for my Lomography Spinner 360 Picts

August, 2010

• Released CineCrop 1.0 for the iPhone

October, 2010

• Helped create the Winnitron 1000 Indie Game Arcade Machine!

December, 2010

• Released Canabalt: 2 Player trailer to promote the Winnitron 1000 and the Data Dance: Level 1 Chip Tune Dance Party!

• Created promo videos for both Data Dance Level 1 and the Gr8Bits 1.2 show.

• Created 15 tutorials for (over the 12 months of 2010)

Overall, I feel like I accomplished quite a bit of cool stuff in 2010. There were a few projects that escaped me, like starting on my remake of the intro sequence from Transformers (1986 version), and creating something cool with my new electronics kit. I also started on a new iPhone app, but it had to be abandoned, because I don’t have enough money to throw at the development. There’s still nothing like it on the app store, so I should really get back on that project again if I can find a cheap developer, or win the Lotto Max!.

What’s on your ship list? And what projects did you wish you completed but haven’t been able to?