Data Dance: Level 1!

**UPDATE** I’ve uploaded the time-lapse of me making this video to Youtube. It’s embedded at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!

On Dec 4th, 2010, Mr. Ghosty and TEAM 20XX (the team behind the Gr8 Bits Shows) organized DATA DANCE!! LEVEL 1! Winnipeg’s first all chiptune dance party. It was a pretty awesome event, and the first “real” public unveiling of the Winnitron 1000!

The evening Featured 8-bit chiptune DJ sets by : DeActiVision (aka cut stickens), Bit Cadet (aka trrrl)
and, decade forward (mrghosty’s dj project). Mr Ghosty had his DDR VJ controller which is awesome as always, and Jaymez provided the rest of the visuals. Jaymez had a pretty awesome library of elements, some of which can be seen in the above vid.

Mr Ghosty, and Bit Cadet both posted their set-lists from the event, if you want to check out some of the music that went down that night (Mr Ghosty set list & Bit Cadet set list). It was an awesome night all around, with around 180+ people showing up for the event. The Winnitron 1000 was played for 8 solid hours, and I didn’t see a time where there wasn’t at least a few people crowded around the machine. Of course, we kept stats of the play times on the machine, because pie charts are awesome.

We had to move the Winntron from it’s temporary home inside Alec’s apartment to LoPub, which, fortunately, is right near by. When we built the thing, we made sure to make it as light as possible. The same can’t be said for the other three cabinets we moved. I’d never been to War on Music before, but apparently, there’s a music store under the Fyxx in the exchange. We somehow managed to move 3 full sized cabinets up through that small staircase and load them up into a truck and a van. Amazingly, nobody got hurt, and nothing got damaged. Some shots of that fun adventure below:

The #Winnnitron is on it's way to Data Dance at the LoPu... on Twitpic Yes, this is happening:  #DataDance #SafteyFirst! on Twitpic #DataDance popup Arcade!  9pm @ LoPub! on Twitpic #DataDance popup Arcade!  9pm @ LoPub! on Twitpic #DataDance last night! Thanks for an an awesome night! on Twitpic

A few guys from Toronto drove all the way to Winnipeg for this event. They’re the team behind Gamer Camp and they brought a special 2-player build of N+ that was projected on the wall. I was pretty pumped when they took a look at the Winnitron, one of them said that it blows away the Torontron. We’ve got full motion graphics, an awesome stats system, updateable games and launcher over the internet (once we get a new Wifi card in there), none of which the Torontron has. Not that I’m trying to start a competition or anything, but it’s nice to know that we’ve got what it likely the coolest indie game arcade machine in the world, sitting in a pub in Winnipeg! The cool shit happening in Winnipeg just keeps growing, and getting bigger and better. If you’re into this kind of stuff, it really is an awesome time to be here :)

Another Data Dance event is already in the works so if you missed out this time around, make sure you come by for level 2! I hope to see you there!


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