Memories of Unicron

Created with Cinema 4D, Fusion 5.3, and Photoshop

Created with Cinema 4D, Fusion 5.3, and Photoshop

Fusion 5 Flow for Memories of Unicron

Fusion 5 Flow for Memories of Unicron

UPDATE: I’ve created a feature length tutorial on the creation of this image. You can buy it on

I’ve been meaning to play around with Cinema 4D a little more this year, and finally get down and learn it. I got a copy of Cinema 4D R11.5, and have been looking over Nick’s cool tutorials at and that got the basics down. I love the workflow and way the app is structured, and the new GI and Mograph physics are pretty wikid.

In any case, this is my first ‘project’ with it. I used Cinema 4D to get the rough render, the comped in Fusion, with some final touches in Photoshop. Mouse-over the above image to see the wireframe, and check out the fusion flow on the right. The raw render is on the left viewer and final comp is on the right.

I’m going to be covering this file in an in-depth tutorial on in the next week or two. This may be the first tutorial I charge for, but I haven’t totally decided yet. Would you pay $15 to see a 2-hour tutorial on every aspect of how this file is put together? let me know!!

Let me know what you think! and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.




  1. Jake says:

    Yo, thats pretty sweet. One thing i might add is to do a wireframe, go to render settings, then Effects, and click Cel Renderer, then check all 4 boxes on the cel render settings. Render that out, thats a good wireframe render just to let you know.


  2. kgartner says:

    Oh man, that’s awesome. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Archiform 3D says:

    I finally opened up my 11.5 upgrade last Friday – I have a huge render farm so I cant just go upgrading on a whim. I must say I am quite happy with it already. People really dont appreciate just how cool an application it is, and are always blown away that we use it exclusively.