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If you’ve been a long time visitor of this site, you’ll know that i’ve been working in VFX for quite a long time. I spent the last 7 years at Frantic Films as a 2D compositor working on over 25 Hollywood movies. I’ve finally decided to take a break from production, and I’ve started up a 2D-centric Visual Effects tutorial site called VFXHaiku.com

VFXHaiku.com is dedicated to bringing some of the esoteric concepts of working in high end visual effects down to earth. With a focus on 2D/3D Compositing and Animation, I will walk you through some ideas and concepts that you can apply to a project to give it that extra boost of realism and professionalism.

The focus of this site is on the nitty gritty technical details that you need to be aware of when working as a 2D Compositor. That being said, I will also look at photography, animation, lighting and rendering, and many other topics which, as a compositor, you should be aware of.

Please take a look at some of my tutorials, and let me know what you think. I’m going to try and add one a week for the next few weeks, so there will be lots of content coming at you over the next few months.

I also have a VFX Haiku Twitter feed, where I post interesting haikus about the ups and downs of working in the visual effects industry. It’s pretty fun and entertaining!