Delft 16mm Anamorphic adapter for GF1

A quick test of a VERY old 16mm Vistascope anamorphic adapter grafted onto my Panasonic GF1.

Sorry for the crappy quality and shakiness of the footage. I didn’t have my makeshift steady-cam on me at the time :)

The footage was taken in AVCHD mode in extremely low light conditions. The adapter seems to reduce the amount of light by at least a stop or two, so taking shots in these sort of lighting conditions produces pretty poor quality results at best. I really wanted to try and see what sort of lens flare action I would get from this lens, so that was the reasoning behind taking it out at night. :)

The adapter has a 1.5X squeese on it, so this footage had it’s with scaled by 150% to bring it back to the proper aspect ratio.

Unfortunately, with the 20mm pancake lens I have on the GF1, it’s still too wide, so it catches some of the edges of the prisms inside the adapter, so you get some double images, and weird vignetting on the edge of frame. In some cases, it looks kinda cool.

The footage was graded with Magic Bullet Looks.

I’m going to do another test in the day time, hopefully before it gets too damn cold out side. :)

Let me know what you think!


Delft 16mm Vistascope Anamorphic Lens Adapter

Delft 16mm Vistascope Anamorphic Lens Adapter



  1. eamon says:

    very cool after seeing this i started looking for one. i really like that look mirror showing up and all.

  2. hugo says:

    How did you fix it ?
    do you know the diameter of the 8 mm vistascope ??

  3. hugo says:

    and will you sell this one ??