Double Rainbow: Photoshop Screen-cast

At one of Sarah’s recent soccer games, there was a beautiful double rainbow just beside the field where she was playing. I wanted to get a really nice shot of it, but I only had my LX3 and not my AE-1 with my fisheye lens…

So, I thought this would be a good a time as any to get into the world of HDR Panoramas! Without a tripod, I set my LX3 to take bracketed exposures of as much of the surrounding area as I could. I took 27 shots in total, 9 shots with 3 exposures each. These were then all dumped into a great free panorama tool called Hugin. There’s a few other tools out there to do the same thing like AutoPano Pro, but Hugin seems to allow for more manual control when things go awry when stitching together your images.

Double Rainbow Photoshop Composite

In the image above, you can mouse over it to see how the original images get distorted inside of Hugin to stitch together.

Once the image was stitched together, it was exported as an HDR .exr file and brought into Photoshop where the magic happens.

The clouds that day were pretty dull, as the sunset was actually happening to the west, and this was being shot towards the east. The drab sky called for a sky replacement! That along with a bunch of other colour tweaks and you’ve got the final result!

Double Rainbow at Kilcona Park

If anyone has any comments or questions, I’d love to hear them. Thanks! :)



  1. ben says:

    Always a pleasure seeing what you’re up to, Kert. Mad photoshoppin’ skillz.


  2. George says:

    That Hugin program looks really cool… I have a huge backlog of panoramas that I haven’t stitched together manually in Photoshop yet and that looks like it could be a HUGE timesaver.

  3. Brad says:

    Hey Kurt, real nice work here. I’m getting better at it, lots of stuff I knew, just from those many hours watching you. I was you know! Watching and learning. Still am!

    Take care my friend, you can see some of my pics, slightly tweaked of course, on my company web.