Michelle’s Star: Photoshop Screen-cast

While I wasn’t buzzing around shooting things at 300fps on Beach day, I managed to take a few pictures a few minutes before we all packed up. One of my friends brought this AWESOME inflatable rainbow star. This is the best shot of the bunch, but the original photo needed some more punch to make it more interesting.

So, I decided to screen-cast the entire 2-hour photoshop session, and speed it up into this 4:25 video. It’s a little quick to see every fine detail that I’m working on, and how I’m adjusting everything, but it shows a rough overview of my workflow. I try a few things that don’t work, and a few things that do, and at some point, just decide that the image is done. I hope you enjoy.

You can also roll-over the image below, to get a higher resolution before/after.
If anyone has any comments or questions, I’d love to hear them. Thanks! :)
Michelle's Star Photoshop Composite at the beach



  1. Jason Cobill says:

    I love seeing your process, Kert – it’s so great to be able to watch other people fiddling around as much as I do with blending layers and masks.

    Question about your technique: A couple of times, in particular when you’re working on the sunburst flare, it looks like you’re going into some kind of “isolate layer” mode. I haven’t found this on a menu anywhere, but it’d be a dream come true if this existed. Is this a smart layer thing, do you have some secret technique, or are you just copy/pasting?

    Oh – wait – it looks (at least in that spot) that you’re applying a liquid filter. Is there a layer isolation mode that you’re aware of?

  2. Kert Gartner says:

    Hey Jay,

    Where exactly in the video do you see me doing this… I am using the liquify filter in that one spot, but you can isolate any layer in your PSD at any time by alt (option) clicking the eyeball on the layer tab… Is that what you’re looking for?

    TTYL! :)

  3. George says:

    Good to see that the flares from Firewall are still around and getting good mileage ;)

  4. Jason Cobill says:

    That is in fact exactly what I was looking for. :) So wicked. Thanks! Such a pain to turn off and on all the layers in your stack by hand – especially when you have a bunch you want to leave off.

    The Alt-Eyeball works just great. :)