A year of game trailers…

A look back and behind the scenes look at a few of the indie game trailers I created from January to December of 2012

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Making the Gasketball Trailer!

Behind the scenes and making of the trailer for the hit iOS game Gasketball by MikenGreg

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Making the Offspring Fling Trailer!

Ever since I saw the awesome 90′s Super Meat Boy commercial by James ID, I’ve wanted to make a trailer or video that had that same sort of vibe. There’s something so wonderfully awful and nostalgic about those old Nintendo and Sega commercials from the 90′s. I grew up on these ads, and looking back on them now, it’s amazing that I took any of this seriously :) That being said, they hold a place in my heart, so being able to make something that parodies that style was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

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Making the Hunger Games: Girl on Fire Trailer!

“Hey dude! whats your schedule like?” was the subject-line of the email that I recieved from Adam Saltsman back in late January… The first thing that ran through my head was “Busy as hell!” but I can’t say no when Adam approaches me with a cool opportunity for a game trailer. :)

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Making the Serious Sam: The Random Encounter Trailer

Of all of the video game trailers I’ve created in the past 10 months, this was by far the most fun to assemble, and easily the most complex of them all. I’ve been looking forward to having the opportunity to sink a good amount of time into one of these trailers, so this was a pretty awesome opportunity.

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Making the Aquaria for iPad Teaser Trailer

Aquaria for iPad has been in the works for quite a while now, and Alec and I had originally discussed making a trailer for it way back in March at GDC. Over the last few months, as development was wrapping up, we were discussing how to best get the word out about the new version of the game…

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